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  • [2016-11-09]Belt conveyor safety first

    Environmental protection has become an important part of the development of modern society and the theme of the. Machinery use is the focus of social concern, t..

  • [2016-11-09]Analysis of several common conveyor belt damage

    The conveyor belt in the use of industrial production will inevitably occur frequently. Although it is inevitable, but the relevant staff are often in the probl..

  • [2016-11-09]Introduction of the joint of conveyer belt

    All conveyor belts must be connected to the ring to be used in practice, so the connector has a direct impact on the service life of the conveyor belt and the s..

  • [2016-11-09]Installation pipeline attention

    The plane design of pipeline shall ensure that parts of the route is the shortest and the production is convenient for workers to operate, auxiliary service fac..

  • [2016-11-09]How to replace the industrial belt

    Industrial belt used for a long time, you need to replace, but the correct replacement steps you know? 1, turn off the power, remove the bolt assembly cover, u..

  • [2016-11-09]How to prolong the service life of the rubber conveyor belt

    The normal service life of rubber conveyor belt is about 10 years, in the process of use due to various inappropriate use of methods and maintenance methods, wi..