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  • [2016-11-09]How to avoid the phenomenon of the use of the ring conveyor belt

    First have to ensure that their own transport device is not a problem, the conveyor belt is just a hub, its operation or rely on the conveyor device, the device..

  • [2016-11-09]Analysis of several common conveyor belt damage

    The conveyor belt in the use of industrial production will inevitably occur frequently. Although it is inevitable, but the relevant staff are often in the probl..

  • [2016-11-09]Conveyor belt use matters needing attention

    With the popularization of the conveyor belt in the industrial production, many varieties, high performance, light weight, multi function and long life are the ..

  • [2016-11-09]Baffle and guide strip action

    In many cases, we need to install a different height, different shapes of the baffle / guide strip to the belt, conveying smooth, bulk material to the high, so ..

  • [2016-11-09]PVC conveyor belt

    PVC conveyor belt PVC conveyor belt with its rubber surface material for the (Polyvinylchloride, PVC), and its structure into a polyester fabric and PVC adhesi..