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Belt conveyor safety first

Environmental protection has become an important part of the development of modern society and the theme of the. Machinery use is the focus of social concern, the correct use of mechanical equipment, safety is the first.
Belt conveyer is mainly composed of steel wire rope core belt, roller, roller, frame and supporting push etc., it is widely used in mining, metallurgy, coal, port, power station, building materials, chemical industry, light industry, oil and other industries, used to transport bulk materials and items, according to the transportation process requirements, can a single delivery, can also be multiple components or other equipments to form a horizontal or inclined conveyor system, to meet the different needs of production line arrangement. The belt conveyor has the characteristics of simple structure, standard parts, convenient maintenance, large transport capacity, simple operation and maintenance, low operation cost, wide application range and so on. Long distance belt conveyor is a large transportation quantity of transportation equipment, transportation is continuous, reliable, high degree of automation, equipment maintenance workload is small, the characteristics of unified management, transmission line according to the terrain layout land occupied less network and factory control system; at the same time, the material in the process of transportation is relatively stable, and less dust on the environment small pollution.
The correct use of belt conveyor, the effect will be more effective. Such use is the use of variable frequency drive, can realize the long distance belt machine under load of soft start, soft stop, potential power, electric energy feedback, no-load speed belt testing function. Play a very important role in saving energy. Conveyor accessories roller equipment also plays a key role. Good use of conveyor accessories, product replacement time frequency will be relatively long, so you can save time, time is money. This still has the value to be able to return.
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