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Analysis of several common conveyor belt damage

The conveyor belt in the use of industrial production will inevitably occur frequently. Although it is inevitable, but the relevant staff are often in the problem can not be a timely summary or improvement, so often there will be some damage to the conveyor belt, resulting in the production of the reasons for the interruption. Here mainly to discuss some of the common forms and causes of conveyor belt damage, in order to better find the problem in the industrial production, so as to make better prevention of these conditions. The following is a brief introduction of the conveyor belt in the common situation of the occurrence of damage:
A, conveyor belt longitudinal tear reason:
(a), shock and vibration caused by fasteners loose and fall off, causing the coal falling pipe lining, guide plate falling.
(two), the material mixed with foreign matter, foreign matter is hard, there are edges and corners, falling coal pipe plug to squeeze dead.
(three) the defect of the roller, the roller frame.
The conveyor belt (four), severe deviation by hanging rack.
(five), the cleaning device is involved in the drum (return cleaner), bolt loose, there are signs of bouncing.
Two, the conveyor belt causes cracking:
(1) due to the limitation of the space size, the number of bending of the conveyor belt.
(two) for various reasons, the curing time of the joint was over two times.
Three, conveyor belt with the cause of the tear:
(a) the diameter of the roller is small, and the bending stress of the conveying belt is large.
(two), the conveyor belt curing joint quality is poor, especially after curing over two times, the joint strength is obviously decreased, or in the plastic connection canvas layer is cut off, or polished leakage, where the strength decreases.
(three), for reversible conveyor, because on lap when only one direction, easy to be cleaner on the belt, unloader and other equipment sharp scratches.
(four), the conveyor working cycle is short, frequent starting, the instantaneous tension.
Four, conveyor belt covering the adhesive surface damage:
(a) the gap between the guide plate and the adhesive tape is not appropriate, resulting in abnormal wear, or the gap is embedded in the foreign body, resulting in abnormal wear or scratch.
(two) the velocity of the material flow in the guide trough is not consistent with the speed of the conveyor belt.
(three) damage to the roller, resulting in abnormal wear or tear tape.
(four) illegal operation, the welding slag and burn, and the cleaning device, and so on.
(five), rubber belt slipping, also can cause the belt abnormal wear.
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