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Installation pipeline attention

The plane design of pipeline shall ensure that parts of the route is the shortest and the production is convenient for workers to operate, auxiliary service facilities, the most effective use of the production area, and consider the connection line between. In order to meet these requirements, the pipeline layout should be considered in the form of pipeline, the arrangement method of the working place in the pipeline.
Production line, automatic line of the shape of a straight line, right angle, open, ring, etc.
The arrangement of the working place in the pipeline should conform to the technical route. When the working procedure has more than two working places, the arrangement method of the same working procedure should be considered. Generally when there are two or more than two of the same kind of work, to consider the use of the double row layout, they are in the transport line of two cases. But when a worker is in charge of a number of units, it is time to consider making the distance between the workers as short as possible.
The pipeline position relates to the relationship between the lines, to the processing part of the assembly according to the requirements of the order, the overall layout should seriously consider the material flow, so as to shorten the route, reduce the workload of transportation. In short, to pay attention to the rational and scientific process of the production of water space organization.
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