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How to replace the industrial belt

Industrial belt used for a long time, you need to replace, but the correct replacement steps you know?
1, turn off the power, remove the bolt assembly cover, unscrew the motor. Mobile motor belt without enough slack, can remove the pry belt, be careful not to pry off the belt.
2, take off the old belt, check whether there is abnormal wear. Excessive wear and tear may be a problem in the design or maintenance of the drive.
3, clean the belt and the belt wheel, the cloth stained with a little less volatile liquid wipe, imports of industrial belt in detergent soak or use detergent scrub belt is undesirable, to remove oil and dirt, sand or scraping with a sharp object, obviously is not desirable. Belt must be kept dry before installation.
4, check whether the belt pulley is abnormal wear or crack, if excessive wear, it is necessary to replace the belt wheel.
5, check whether the belt wheel into a straight line. The belt pulley is in line with the transmission belt, in particular, the operation of the synchronous belt transmission device is very important.
6, check the rest of the transmission parts, such as symmetric bearings and bushings, durability and lubrication etc..
7, select the appropriate belt replacement.
8, the belt pulley on the installation of a new belt, must not be too hard or too hard.
9, adjust the center distance of the transmission device, until the tension measuring instrument to measure the belt tension is appropriate. Turn a few laps with the hand wheel, heavy test tension.
10, tighten the motor assembly bolt, correct torque. Due to any change in the center distance of the drive during operation, the performance of the belt is poor, so it is necessary to make sure that all the components of the transmission system have been tightened.
After the completion of the above 10 steps, it is to start the device and observe the performance of the belt, to see whether there is abnormal vibration, whether there is a sound to listen to abnormal noise. It is better to turn off the machine, check the status of the bearing and motor; if it feels too hot, it may be too tight or the bearing is asymmetric, or lubrication is not correct.
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