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How to prolong the service life of the rubber conveyor belt

The normal service life of rubber conveyor belt is about 10 years, in the process of use due to various inappropriate use of methods and maintenance methods, will greatly reduce the life of rubber conveyor belt. Here are some small ways to fully extend the service life of the rubber conveyor belt. Rubber conveyor belt is the main part of the belt conveyor, the role of bearing material, it is widely used in iron and steel, coal, alloys, chemicals, building materials, food and other industries. The use of the conveyor belt as a carrier and its transport compared with the operating safety, easy to use, easy maintenance, low cost and can achieve continuous, shorten the transport distance and so on.
1, improved conveyor belt conveyor.
2, in the modification of the roller and scraping material device.
3, conveyor any concave transition of the claw belt wheel.
4, conveyor head, tail and intermediate transfer transition.
5, big machine boom conveyor belt weight load reduction.
6, material flow direction adjustment.
7, conveyor belt partial damage repair technology to extend the service life.
(1) local heat curing; (2) local cold pouring; (3) local cold bonding.
8, strengthen the roller and cleaning device management, damage to the timely replacement. Control with load start.
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