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How to avoid the phenomenon of the use of the ring conveyor belt

First have to ensure that their own transport device is not a problem, the conveyor belt is just a hub, its operation or rely on the conveyor device, the device is the first factor to determine whether the normal operation of the conveyor belt.
Secondly, whether the belt and the transmission of the matching, or not suitable for the transport of such goods are to determine the normal operation of the conveyor belt. Whether the tape is in good condition, whether the problem has been dealt with, and whether the goods are placed on the conveyor belt will directly affect the operation of the conveyor belt.
Again, the operator should have the operation of conveyor equipment and maintenance of professional knowledge, found the problem, timely maintenance and timely disposal, will harm in the cradle of killing.
In the process of the use of an annular conveyor belt, the main reason is that the coverage layer and the core body are stuck and the strength is low, and the main reasons for the low viscosity and the strength of the two are the following:
1 core paste after the change to the roller to stick on the dirt. With a plastic core paste and the batter cannot very good.
Reducing the viscosity and strength of the core surface between the 2 core pastes and the plasticizer.
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