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Baffle and guide strip action

In many cases, we need to install a different height, different shapes of the baffle / guide strip to the belt, conveying smooth, bulk material to the high, so that even if the material is not high angle tilt.
Kaitai company designed a series of baffle / bar, for maximum range of product demand.
Select the appropriate baffle / guide strip, the location and size of the installation, the need for a comprehensive analysis of the transport requirements. Some of the time, in theory, can calculate the relevant data, but it is best to consult our technical advice, in order to get the best solution.
The material of the baffle and guide strip is the same with the belt quality, there are PVC, PU and available for selection.
Square, rectangular and strip bars can be installed in the longitudinal belt on both sides, the toothed bar can be adapted to ferry transport path.
Each baffle / bar according to the practical application of the design, the new products are constantly developed, especially in the food industry in the small diameter delivery.
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